Results – Forest & Huntley Rds 2 lap Scratch Race 22 October

Very strong W SW winds today on the course  which made some sections tough and not very warm .

Well done to all racers .

As a wise club members said after the race ” time wounds all heals ” not sure whether he is suggesting  today’s  race times will result in sore feet  or a prediction that the time of a certain  place getter may result in elevation to A grade .

A Grade
1 Colin Dibble
2 Adam Coleman
3 Andrew Foxall
4 Simon Meredith ( Illawarra )

B Grade
1 Craig Healey
2 Kevin Eather
3 Ivan Podres
4 Tully Richards
Josh Fitzgerald dnf

C Grade
1 Aidan Sugden
2 Ray Dally
3 Jeff Ferguson
4 Lauren Kerwick
5 Rory Thornhill

D Grade
1 Patrick Rourke
2 Trina Allen
3 Gina Browne
4 Michael Thornhill

E grade ( 1 lap )
Micah Dibble

Thank you to Commissaire D Cooper , Driver Andrew Wood , Corner Marshall Helen Barnett , Signs by Neil Yeo , Corner sweeping and safety check Jeff Ferguson,  Race Director Craig Healey,  Sign on Andrew Foxall , First Aid,  Al Whitehead .Finish line & recording Brian Kennelly .

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