OCC Spring Points Series – 2014 Presentations & wrap up!

Another great year of OCC cycling is fast coming to an end. Many things have been achieved this year with continued growth in OCC member numbers, rider experience and skill levels, more events on the calendar, junior and women cycling development, after a lot of work track and criterium cycling and a great spring road series to cap it off.

Come down to the Hotel Canobolas at 6pm on Sunday the 7th for our end of year wrap up, it will be a casual event and we encourage members, friends and family to arrive at 4pm to socialize and have a meal and drinks together prior to, during or after proceedings.

Spring Points Series medal and trophies will be awarded, Most Outstanding Club Person of the year and Best Performance of the Year. Junior presentations and awards, presidents recap of the year and what lies ahead.

We already have 60 people who have said they are attending, if you are planning to come and haven’t contacted Craig Healey, please let him know as this makes it easier to book tables and plan space needed which helps the Hotel.

This will be a great night and is a good way to finish the year with some Christmas spirit leading into the holiday season. Athough this is the big recap of 2014 don’t forget we still have the Moulder Park Cup track night on the 16th December and our last grand event for the year, it will be handicapped and trophies awarded to top three place getters for seniours and juniors.

Where: The Hotel Canobolas
When: Sunday 7th December
Time: 4:00pm – 6:00pm presentations

See you there!

Photos from the night, great turn out and a lot of fun!



(10.12.2014, 34 Photos)

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