Gran Fondo Sun 18th Feb

As you may be aware, the Cycle Club has elected to replace one race per month with a Gran Fondo. Gran Fondo literally means “Big Ride.” The intent is to encourage our members to challenge themselves, get out of their comfort zone and explore new roads that they may not have explored before. Gran Fondo’s are social training rides for Cycling Australia or Triathlon Australia members of OCTC only. There will be different groups riding different distances, all leaving from the velodrome. Departure times will be arranged to have all groups arrive at the finish around the same time for lunch and a few drinks. If it all gets too hard, we will have a car available to run out and collect anyone who wants a lite back to town.

The first Gran Fondo is Sunday 18 February (that’s this weekend). There are three routes as follows. All groups should end up at the Hotel Canobolas around 12nn. The routes may change based on the fire situation.

Group 1 – Velodrome – Back of Mine – Tallwood – Millthorpe – Lucknow – Huntley – Hotel Canobolas (
Distance – 100km
Climbing – 1,200m vertical
Average speed and time – 27km/h or 3h 45min. (Sue Bonar has expressed an interest in a slower group for the 100km ride – if interested please contact her via
Departure – 8.00am
Ride leader – Colin Dibble

Group 2 – Velodrome – Front of Mine – Millthorpe – Lucknow – Huntley – Hotel Canobolas (
Distance – 72km
Climbing – 671m vertical
Average speed and time – 25km/h or 2h 45min
Departure – 9.00am
Ride leader – TBC

Group 3 – Velodrome – Front of Mine – Forest Reefs – Forest Road – Hotel Canobolas (
Distance – 50km
Climbing – 521m vertical
Average speed and time – 22.5km/h or 2h 15min
Departure – 9.30am
Ride leader – David Cooper

Things to be aware of

The Gran Fondos are for CA and TA members ONLY. A Cycling Australia RIDE membership will cost you $99 for 12 months, including insurance – an absolute bargain.
All riders will have to sign on for safety reasons so we know who is on the road and we can we be sure we get everyone back again.
A change of clothes and towel can be left in a labeled bag at the velodrome and showers will be available at the Pub (thanks Phil!).
Normal road rules and common sense apply, bring food, water, a phone, spare tubes, lights, suncream and your best Dad Joke (its a social ride after all).
These are no drop rides. Groups may break up, but no one is to be left on the road by themselves.

Stay safe and be seen

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