Over 100 years of history

The Orange cycle club has over 100 years of history and tradition; it is also one of the oldest cycling clubs in the state dating back to 1891.

The Orange Club has been involved with various cycling associations over its 123 year history and this included the League of Wheelman club with Orange riders such as Mr J Davis in the 1890’s. Other Orange turn of the 19th century riders included Mr A Wright and the Fischer family.

As the highest geographical location between Sydney and WA, Orange was a regular point of call for the pioneers of Australian Cycling in the exciting cycling period between the two world wars when the nations cycling heroes (including Sir Hubert Opperman) where chasing the point to point cycling records, one of these records included the Sydney to Orange timed ride which in those days was an epic trek on a bicycle and coveted title to hold.

Orange has had two velodrome race tracks, one built in 1938 at Wade Park and the second track built in the late 1940′s at National Park, now know as Moulder Park. It is reported the second track was built as a works project after the depression following WW2. Little information or photographs are known for the first track built at Wade Park but riders who raced on those tracks in the day remember Sir Hubert Opperman opened both tracks, he was well familiar with Orange and the central west as he road and broke many distance riding records around the region.

In the 50’s and 60’s track cycling was booming and particularly in Orange with many local club and interclub professional races held at the track. The Orange National Park velodrome was well known amongst the cycling community throughout country and city clubs.

The Orange velodrome race track was repaired and resurfaced in 1974 as the surface was breaking up and was not fit for racing on. Repair work was carried out again on the track in 2013 which included resurfaced duck board and new line markings. With the Orange Cycle Club and Orange city council working together continual improvements are being carried out to the track and facilities.

In recent decades a number of Orange Cycle Club members have advanced to professional racing in the Australian National Road Series. Orange Club members often compete in state and national cycling championships with great success. One of our club members achieved a world title in 2007 at the track point’s race at the Dunc Grey velodrome.

The club works closely with Orange City Council to establish road racing over two race series per year. Orange has many cycling facilities which include road racing, regular triathlon events, track racing, mountain biking, bicycle user groups and a BMX race track which is in development. The Orange Cycle Club consists of male and female riders of all ages and also puts a lot of work into junior cycling with junior members doing well at recent track carnivals.



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Junior Cycling in Orange

The Orange Cycle Club runs a junior members club that meet every week during training seasons. Whether the children are members or not they are free to come and attend a cycle skills training session as long as they are accompanied by a parent.

Cycle skills program – The program has been put together by Cycling Australia and local volunteers. The volunteers have been trained to run the cycle skills program and first aid training has also been taken by those running the program. The aim of the junior cycle skills program is to build skills, keep children active, encourage a family atmosphere, expose children to as many cycling disciplines as possible and develop those children that show an interest in competitive cycling.

Juniors Racing – The children also conduct individual time trials cycling around the velodrome track where their times are recorded and improvements for each session are noted. A handicap race is also run for interested children that have undergone their cycle skills program. The juniors often travel to track carnival weekends where they compete and have recently achieved some great results.

For more information on Juniors cycling see our Juniors page on the website.

Orange Cycle Club great cycling performances

Orange Cycle Club has had many great cyclists progress through the club and achieve great results in their respective amateur and professional cycling pursuits, below are a few more recent accolades.

Mitch Chapman – Mitch was an outstanding young Orange cyclist who represented Australia at the 2005 Junior World Road Cycling Championships and also lays claim to a National Road Series and Time Trial title for the under 19 men’s category. Mitch retired from cycling in 2006 to pursue other interests.

Tim Guy – Tim displayed a natural talent on the bike from an early age winning in the 2005 NSW under 17 teams pursuit and in 2005 winning in the NSW under 17 Madison Championship. Tim proceeded the following year with his winning form taking the under 19’s State Road series title in 2006. He went on to become NSW State under 19 hill climb champion in 2006, 2007 & U23/Overall Champion 2008. Tim raced for a number of national representative teams and after having a couple of years off the bike is now back into it racing for Search2Retain, a national road series team.

Angus Tobin – Angus then followed in Tim’s footsteps with a long list of achievements including first place in 2004 NSW under 13 road race championships, first place in the 2005 under 17 NSW team pursuit championship as a 15 year old, third place in the national under 17 criterium, under 19 state time trial champion and has been NSW Rider of the year on two occasions. Angus has also raced in Europe and has a number of top 10 placings on and off shore.

Mick Troy – Mick came to Orange to study in 2008 and although he has now moved away for work reasons he still nominates Orange Cycle Club his home club. Mick has a swag of cycling achievements including racing for national road series team TORQ Bicycle Superstore team and currently GPM-Data#3 Wilson Racing. Mick has a number of podium finishes at various state hill climb, time trial, criterium and road race championships. He also has a very prestigious 4th place A grade finish in Australia’s toughest one day road race – 2012 Grafton to Inverell.

Charlie Gascoyne – Charlie started racing in the mid 1980s as a Junior. In 1997 he achieved a Bronze medal at the men’s NSW track scratch race. Charlie has developed quite a profile on the Country Handicap Scene winning the prestigious Coota Annual and was a winner of the 2003 Orange to Bathurst race. Charlie has also won various national and state titles including state time trial champion.
His continued enthusiasm for the sport has seen his biggest achievements come in the Masters Category where he won the ultimate – a World Title in 2007. He won the title at the UCI Track Cycling Masters Championships at Dunc Gray Velodrome Sydney where he took gold in the 40-44yrs Scratch Race.

Cycling History in Orange

Australian National Championship at Gnoo Blas race circuit In 1959 the Australian senior and junior National Road Races were held at Orange on the Gnoo Blas race circuit. The senior’s race was contested by over 40 riders and won by Fred Roche who also won the title in 1960. Second place went to Olympian, National and multiple World Champion Sid (Sydney) Patterson, third place went to cycling legend John Young.

Track racing in the 1950’s, 60’s & 70’s In the 50’s and 60’s track cycling was booming and particularly in Orange with many local club and interclub professional races held at the track. The Orange velodrome was well known amongst the cycling community throughout country and city clubs. Currently the velodrome cycle track is known as moulder Street park but in those days the track location was known as and called National Park.

Orange Crusaders Union of NSW Orange has had bicycle user groups trekking around the region for many decades. The late 19th and early 20th century saw the initial origin of the Orange Cycle club in form of road racing but also cycling enthusiasts that used their bicycles as their main form of transport or for weekend journeys and expeditions.

Early 20th century Orange road cycling Cycle club road races were conducted around the Orange district as early as the late 1800’s. The photo below took place in 1908 at the corner of Anson and Summer Street at the Exchange Hotel where a large gathering of cyclists attended a race or tour of some kind, this photo is one of the earliest photos of early Orange cycle club activities available.

Turn of the century bicycle building The earliest bicycle workshop in the region that is known was Arther Kennerson who built and modified cars, motorcycles, commuter and race bicycles. He also rented out bicycles from his workshop based in Molong.

OCC young guns

Orange Cycle Club has two club members racing in the National Road Series for the Search 2 Retain team. The club is very proud of these guys and the hard work they have put into their cycling over the years, they are also great blokes that offer their time and advice to other club members and our junior cyclists when they are in the Orange region.
Follow their team and progress throughout the year on their website Search2Race website
Also see their blog site with all sorts of interesting info at GT and TG racing

Above: Angus Tobin & Tim Guy


    Above: Angus Tobin, Mitch Bland, Steve Martin & Tim Guy

      Orange Cycle Club Perpetual Trophies


      Most Outstanding Club Person of the Year

      1992 – Peter Miller
      1993 – Andrew Docking
      1994 – Shane Whiley
      1995 – Peter Miller
      1996 – P.Miller & B.Audley
      1999 – Leanne Nicholls
      2000 – Dennis Nicholls
      2001 – Tony & Janelle Commins
      2002 – Martin Scott
      2013 – Mick Cain
      2014 – Mitch Bland
      2015 – Ray and Karen Selmes
      2016 – Lea Dally
      2017 -


      Best Performance of the Year

      1994 – David Wilton
      1996 – Shane Wiley
      1999 – John Lovick
      2000 – Dwayne Grant
      2001 – Angus Tobin
      2002 – Charlie Gascoyne
      2013 – Charlie Gascoyne
      2014 – Daniel Webb
      2015 – Jess Richards
      2016 – Ian Reed
      2017 -


      Most Outstanding Junior

      2015 – Micah Dibble
      2016 – Gydion Dally
      2017 -

      Junior Performance of the Year

      2015 – Xavier Bland
      2016 - Patrick Crump

      Orange cycle club Mulga Bill Award


      2014 – Grant Roe
      2015 – ??
      2016 – Colin Dibble
      2017 -

      With apologies to Banjo Paterson
      ‘Twas Mulga Bill, from Eaglehawk, that caught the cycling craze;
      He turned away the good old horse that served him many days;
      He dressed himself in cycling clothes, resplendent to be seen;
      He hurried off to town and bought a shining new machine;
      And as he wheeled it through the door, with air of lordly pride,
      The grinning shop assistant said, “Excuse me, can you ride?”

      Now we all know how that tale ended with Bill in Dead Man’s Creek.
      So this award is for those who, through bad luck or judgement seek,
      to emulate good ol’ Bill and his wild ride down that mountain road.
      First come those whose level of incompetence and bad luck showed
      they were mere pretenders to the crown. Tully Richards show your face.
      He is the only man we know to arrive without his bike to a race.
      And Gina, in cycling shoes down steps she fell, and caused a fractured wrist,
      With only caffeine from the Sunday ride, we know she wasn’t pissed

      You all know our learned colleague, he of hair resplendent.
      He was riding at the dash with a keen young pup ascendant.
      “I’ll show him” said our hero, and took off down the dipper.
      With pup in tow, he pinned his ears and descended like a ripper.
      Now those who know, all agree, that potholes hit at speed
      Are likely to result in rider being unseated from their steed.
      Well our learned friend sure did teach that pup a lesson
      Like what it’s like to ride over the top of our friend Mason.

      But there is a tale sadder still, of a rider we hold in high esteem.
      Now wise old Charlie was heard to offer advice along this theme.
      “Always descend with caution, be wary of the surface and never ever speed”
      Shortly after said exchange, wise old Charlie forgot to heed
      His own advice. On unsealed track, with surface quite atrocious,
      His bike took off, front wheel gave way in a crash that was ferocious.
      Most mere mortals would lie and wait, but Charlie, what the heck,
      Walked his bike to find help, despite his broken neck!

      But this award goes to Doctor Col, who, like Mulga Bill can skite
      “Riding is my special gift, my chiefest, sole delight”.
      And so it was, with friends beside, he entered into the fray
      The bunch was fast, the pace was on, the leaders bolted clean away
      Colin chased them down and lined up for the sprint
      When old mate said “I want that gap” and without a hint
      Speared clean across the path. Colin did summersault with pike.
      And lying on the ground with broken bone was heard to say – “How’s my bike”?

      And so the curse of Mulga Bill strikes our highland town
      The lesson my friends, as always, is keep the rubber side down

      Poem read by Nigel Squire , Gina Browne, Adapted by Mitch Bland

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